the result of minimal brain stimulation

sup, mych phoned me today to share all the cheap and wonderful things she bought the past few days. utterly jealous seeing as i havent really bought as much as i wanted to but have spent 400 bucks. going out solo tmr to hunt down some proper clothes. in the mean time, i was bored enough to snap some shots. been addicted to sticking all things kawaii on everything; my phone is completely user-unfriendly now with those 3D flowers and as for the fruits, i havent yet worked out how its going to stay put on my nails. anywho, my blog partner promised to share photos of her new stash of clothes soon. and thats not the only thing she promised, she said she'll get me some awesome buckled boots from the phone call today, isnt that right mychelle?

forever21 owl ring + leaf necklace, chameleon snake ring, street store nail + phone art