because she is my homie for life,

"unity is strength"

i seem to be portraying some type of amateur snobby nature look in the first &the dillema of trying out different photos effect without saving the original one , to sineads dismay -__-

speaking of sinead, upon arriving at school on my birthday not long ago , she approach me with a sense of awkwardness, and told me that she has a surprise for me, which admittingly i was quite surprise ha. as morning break came, she arrived at my locker with a large cookie&cream birthday cake (HER favourite) along with her wellknowned hand made plushie cake,along with the underlying nature of awkwardness present, i couldnot speak in words my sense of appreciation for this great friend.despite my monthly nature of confronting her haha,the bond between us continue to grow, it seems like no matter what our friendship never falters.thankyou homie :) LOL

mychelle: vintage oversize shirt $1 , denim DIY shorts $3 , sportsgirl stockings , and jewellery from hk