new found love

about a month ago, i posted various pictures of lace-up boots that i had found on an online store, and i did mention that i'd get my hands on them. turns out i didnt, but yesterday while shopping without money with mychelle, we found a similiar pair. im off to the city in an hour or so to make them mine. they better still be there:O i'll be sure to flood this post with pictures of the soon-to-be-mine boots.

last pair, in black, my size:D

actually bought more than planned. came home with not only my new boots, but also an apple macbook, miss shop sheer plaid batwing top and bardot leather leggings. had to buy the leggings even though i already have one because they retailed for AUD119.95, but were reduced down to AUD20.

stocktake sales are the best.